Ain’t no Party like a Blended Dad Party

Last Sunday started with my little girl waking up tired, grumpy and excitable all rolled into one. She was shattered because she was up late, owing to the fact that all her family from down south had come up for a weekend visit. She was grumpy because she had had to share a bed with her big brother, who had woken her up with his snoring and farting. And finally she was excited, simply because it was the day of her 5th birthday party.

However, whatever emotional pick-and-mix there was floating around in her head, it felt like nothing compared to the emotional waves I endured that morning. There were elements of dread, excitement, intrigue and black humour, swirling around my mind like clothes in a tumble drier.

It was the first time my little girl was to have a party as a primary school attendee, thus meaning all of her little school friends were going to be there. It was also the first time that my folks, sisters, brother-in-laws and nieces were all able to attend her special day at the same time. And finally, it was the first time my ex had seen my extended family since she got up and left one night 18 months ago.

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Away Days

My son has inherited a love for football like his Dad. Through relentless brainwashing he has ended up supporting the same team as me, resulting in the two of us going up and down the country to watch our heroes play, and most usually lose, football matches. I love having that bond with him, it means so much to me to see him passionate and engaged in something I too gain immense pleasure from.

A dilemma occurred last winter when a game I wanted to go to was taking place on the weekend I was due to have the kids. Soon-To-Be had only just met the children so it wasn’t appropriate for her to look after my daughter for such a long period and also, I didn’t really want to miss out on spending time with my girl. Therefore, I made an executive decision, I was going to take my daughter to her first ever football match.

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F*ck Christmas

F*ck Christmas.

I’m not normally a Scrooge. In actual fact, Christmas was always a time of year I absolutely loved. But it seems that my relationship with the festive season is going through a rocky period.

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How Will I Know?

Whitney Houston once asked the question ‘how will I know if he really loves me?’ Well Whitney, my 1980’s iconic chum, I knew when ‘she’ really loved me in the summer and decided that the time had come to pop the question.

The summer of 2018 will always be one Soon-To-Be and I will remember forever. And no, it has nothing to do with Harry Kane, Gareth Southgate’s waistcoats and penalty shoot-out victories before you ask. It was the moment in my life that I realised my heart was ready to trust someone again, to wipe away negative connotations of partnerships and start afresh with somebody truly remarkable. 

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Practising new steps with the Ex-in-Laws

This afternoon I dropped my little girl into town to meet my ex-mother-in-law. Her hair beautifully styled by Soon-To-Be and dressed in a stunning sparkly red dress, my daughter clearly looked the classiest of all the children about to watch the ballet. She grabbed her Grandma’s hand and swiftly shot off into the theatre, giving me a high five before the ex-mother-in-law confirmed what time she hoped to drop her back at my house.

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Picture Perfect

Something amazing happened this evening. Something so small and seemingly trivial on the one hand, but also monumental on the other. It stopped me in my tracks and left Soon-To-Be close to tears.

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When meeting your partner’s children, please try hard not to bruise their bonce.

It’s like a thud, or a crack, or a combination of the two…a “thrack”, possibly? Whatever it is, if you run head first into the edge of a car door that is the noise.

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